Received email that says: To complete your checkout, send..

What can this mean?

You have made an invoice to pay for items with a merchant using our payment processing.

What can you do now?

  1. To complete the payment, just send the exact amount requested, to the unique address provided in the email. You can use multiple wallets to complete the payment, as long as you pay within the transaction time.
  2. When you pay for the entire amount you will receive another email updating you when we have received all required funds.
  3. If you do not send all of the required funds, you will receive a notification of the funds we have received.
  4. If you did not make this invoice, it could have been another person sending you a gift, or possibly a typo in their email using yours. You are not obligated to make any payments, if you did not make this invoice; you can safely ignore this email.
  5. After the transaction times out, you will receive one more email that the payment has timed out without us receiving the required funds.