Received email that says: We have received only _.________ of the _.________ ...

What can this mean?

This means that your transaction did not receive all of the required funds to complete the payment. This can happen if you forgot to account for the coin TX fee when sending to us or if you are using a coin that only allows 6 digits after the decimal and didn't round up to the 6th digit.

What can you do now?

  1. The email will tell you how much you are missing to complete the payment. To complete it, just send the remaining amount from any wallet that has enough. You can use multiple wallets to pay, just make sure to send to the correct address for the payment.
  2. If you do not want to complete it, you can just wait for it to time out, and you should receive further notification about any potential partial payment refunds if they are large enough to return, after taking in account any network send fees.
  3. Once you send the remainder amount, you will receive another email that we have received all of the required funds for your payment.
  4. When you are still missing an amount to complete the transaction, you would get another notice of the amount we have received.
  5. If the payment does not receive the full amount, it will cancel and time out. You will receive an email that the payment has timed out without us receiving the required funds.