Received email that says: We have received all required funds for your payment of...

What can this mean?

This means that your transaction is completed on our end. Any further support can only come from the merchant, so make sure you keep in contact.

What can you do now?

  1. Always make sure to read over the merchants FAQ's and TOS's to understand the services or items provided by the merchant.
  2. Make sure to always be in contact with the merchant.
  3. We provide a feedback system so buyers can leave ratings for sellers (and vice versa). So make sure to leave feedback only after you have received your product/service. This will help reflect the merchants feedback as a seller.

Always remember: The bitcoin network is designed to make chargebacks impossible. Coinpayments never has access or control of a user's bitcoins in any way, which means only the end user has 100% control over his own bitcoins. This means we have no power to stop or reverse a transaction for you.