If your transaction doesn't have any confirms, once it does the payment will complete or if it has timed out you will receive a refund claim email (it may go to your spam folder) within 8 hours. If you have not received an email in that time feel free to reply to this ticket with an address to send the coins to and we will send it out manually.

Note: Make sure you don't expect an email or reply with an address until AFTER your TX has 2 confirms and you have waited 8 hours.

Common Questions

  • What are confirms? Confirms are how the Bitcoin miners take transactions (TXes) and make them complete and permanent in the blockchain.
  • Why is this happening? When you send bitcoin a TX fee (aka miner fee) is included for the Bitcoin miners, the higher the fee the faster it will confirm. Slow confirms are usually caused by either you or your wallet provider not including enough TX fee or trying to spend funds from another unconfirmed TX.
  • How long will it take? There is no way to predict how long it will take, it is completely up to the Bitcoin miners. CoinPayments has no control over this process whatsoever.
  • Can you refund me before my TX confirms? No, since not all TXes confirm we can't send refunds early or risk being out of pocket those funds.
  • What if my TX never confirms? If you are using a software wallet the funds should return to your wallet automatically. If you are using a hosted wallet they may return automatically after 5-7 days or you may need to contact their support.
  • So what should I do? There is nothing to do except wait. Once your TX confirms the system will email you to claim your funds; if you don't receive an email within 8 hours of your TX confirming reply to this ticket and we will check it out for you. Also remember the email may be in you spam folder.